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Edifier W800BT High Quality Bluetooth Mobile Phone Headphones with Answering Call Function

Music Travelling Not only Just Thinking

Wired support better sound quality ; Wireless makes it  more joyful and colorful

Quality & joy & colorful focus on W800BT , Making life enjoyable

Models (4) A

More time &  More Comfortable &  More fun
Fully charged for 4.5 hours, Supports 35 hours of music play time and Bluetooth standby time up to 750-800 hours.
Enjoy life with music regardless of battery limit.
Designed with Light weight frame makes more comfortable and enjoyable in your life.
PS : Please do not listening at high volume levels for a long time in particular

-1 12

For the higher sound quality / Lower Power / No Bluetooth


Simply connect the 3.5mm audio cable line with the device and headphone.

Selective Long line shows your higher pursuit of music and life.




Easier useable line and durable chargeing line

Bluetooth mode: compatible with the mainstream market smart phones, PAD and other built-in Bluetooth portable audio equipment.
Wired mode: compatible with standard 3.5MM interface audio equipment, such as MP3, mobile phones, notebooks, PC, etc.
PS : In the use of the process, If only red light flashes Means the headset power is too low. Please charge it .
Using a shortened section Micro USB interface, the PCBA design makes the plug a small part of the remaining.


Control more easy


1.  Indicator light ;  2.   Multi-function keys
3.  Volume + / next song; 4.   Volume – / Previous song
5.  Microphone ;  6.   Charging interface ;  7.   3.5MM audio interface

Black (5) 2

15-degree tilt design & Greatly reduce felling ear pain


According to artificial body bag ear design, the otoac oval in the vertical angle was 15 ° tilt, consistent with the human ear contour.
With high-grade PU wrapped breathable high-elastic sponge, the earmuffs can effectively reduce the external noise and increase the low-frequency hearing.

More details of the control and material selection are designed to be more comfortable


40MM high-performance NdFeB unit, composite diaphragm, USing Japanese big black voice coil.

W800BT Brings a strong low-frequency, texture and voice. The whole hearing gains a bright and transparent feeling especially for pop music, jazz, rock and other interpretations.



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