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Hisense A6100UW Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Hisense A6100
Hisense A6100

UHD TV is no longer something new. Hisense offers you the perfect viewing of 4K content with the help of a whole package of UHD-solutions. Hisense UHD TV can easily reproduce UHD content online or through external sources, such as UHD 4K BluRay player, USB, etc.

Smart TV OS is easy to manage and allows you to quickly connect to the content you need. Each picture looks transparent and smooth, with brighter colors, deeper dark and natural colors. Even the FHD signal can be transformed into 4K
due to the UHD Upscaler technology.

Hisense A6100

Series A6100

Hisense A6100

4K Certified TV

Hisense Ultra HD Certified TV provides a 4x increase in the resolution of Full HD TV, reveals details that you have never seen before. You will get exciting entertainment at home, comparable to a real cinema. As the screen size increases, each pixel has a value, when it is necessary to transfer the image of the best quality.

Hisense A6100

Clear natural colors

Due to the ability to produce more accurate and natural colors, Hisense UHD TV opens a new window to reality. The technology of color conversion on Hisense TVs allows you to recognize the color space from different signals and reproduce the image with the most natural color scheme.

Hisense A6100

Advantages of HDR

With the help of High Dynamic Range, previously hidden shaded and bright white areas of the screen became very clear and clear. You will notice a wider contrast and small details in the video content you are watching.

Hisense A6100

Hisense UHD TV supports HDR 10 * content, which expands the contrast and color palette, providing a more realistic, natural image than conventional TVs. White looks brighter, black – darker, and colors look more alive. You can watch HDR movies or shows broadcast by VOD providers online or played through an Ultra HD 4K BluRay player; and you can play HDR games through the PS4 or Xbox.

* HDR 10 is the current industry standard for the High Dynamic Range in consumer TVs

HDR technology

Hisense A6100

Adaptive contrast

Hisense UHD TV is able to automatically adjust the contrast to display a deeper black color. This allows you to see a wider range of contrast between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen, and get a full home theater.

Hisense A6100

Enhance the depth of the image

Hisense Depth Enhancer technology allows you to analyze and automatically adjust the dynamic contrast, add contrast layers to the back, middle and foreground, thereby increasing the depth of the image.

Hisense A6100

UHD converter (UHD Upscaler)

UHD Upscaler converts the FHD signal into 4K quality to display small details, allowing viewers to enjoy 4K image quality even with FHD signal. Instead of simply increasing each pixel 4 times, Hisense UHD Upscaler calculates the color of neighboring pixels and automatically determines where and how to display them.

Hisense A6100

Motion Picture Enhancer

Hisense uses motion analysis and motion analysis technology to improve sharpness in fast moving images. You can enjoy a smooth, smooth and clear picture on the screen.

Hisense A6100

Noise Reduction (Clean View)

Hisense TV uses a comprehensive solution of noise reduction technology that automatically analyzes the input signal and eliminates detected noise, provides a sharper image and improves viewing quality.

Hisense A6100

Crystal clear sound

A complex of audio technologies, including Dolby Audio, DTS and Dbx-TV, allows you to reproduce crystal clear sound. Enjoy the pure sound and it will take you to the center of what is happening.

Hisense A6100
Thanks to the minimalist design of the interface, the use of Smart TV has become more convenient. The new system allows you to easily add all your favorite applications and sources directly to the home page. Enjoy watching movies and TV content on the operating system VIDAA U.
Hisense A6100

4K Decoding & Streaming

4K Hisense TVs can freely play 4K content from both online resources and compatible devices (for example, Ultra HD 4K Blue-ray). Now 4K is always at your fingertips.

Sport mode

Press the Sport Mode button on your remote control or set your personal settings, which are ideal for watching sports programs regardless of the quality of the content. Feel yourself in the stadium.

Hisense A6100


On the operating system VIDAA U operates more than 200 global and 60 regional applications, so you can easily get your favorite content from a variety of online resources.

APPS Store

Download the application from the APPS Store and get your favorite content.

Hisense A6100

One-touch-access access

Using the shortcut buttons on the remote control, you can launch your favorite applications one click, regardless of which menu section you are in.

Two-way WiFi

Thanks to a powerful and stable signal, fast data transfer rate, two-way WiFi will meet your requirements when connecting to the most up-to-date and high-quality content on the Internet.

Hisense A6100

RemoteNOW application

Download the free RemoteNOW application from the Android app store or iOS and use it to connect to Hisense Smart TV as a remote control.

Create yourself entertainment

Insert your favorite channels and applications on the Smart page of the main menu and your access to content will be faster.

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