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Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 – DJ Controller for Serato DJ with Integrated Sound Card | USB DJ Controller with Trigger Pads & Serato DJ Intro Download (Includes Built-In Sound Card) – Black

Here it is—the Amazing Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller.

From Numark the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible MIXTRACK PRO 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It’s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions.

This controller offers a whole host of features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, yet it offers great bang-for-the-buck and it’s a snap to take anywhere.

Put Real Power into Your Performance

The place is hot. The action is non-stop. You’re the one in the driver’s seat. We make sure you have the horsepower to get it done. Mixtrack Pro 3 will never let you down. We’ve kept everything you loved about the Mixtrack Pro 2, but now there’s even more.

How’s this—we give you 100mm pitch sliders that make it easy to perform even the finest pitch adjustments, so it’s easy to keep two cuts in perfect beat sync without any drift. Other people’s 60mm pitch sliders can’t come close to matching this performance. We make you look and sound great!


No Limits on Your Creativity

Dive into our 16 multi-function backlit performance pads and add loops, launch samples, and control hot cues to your performance. Use the multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control and track search operation. There are dedicated filter knobs for each channel, to give you just the exact amount of tonal control you need for that perfect sound. If you can think it, Mixtrack Pro 3 will do it.




Jumpstart your inspiration with 6 sample packs from Prime Loops including over 380 premium instrumental loops, drum kits, one-shots, and more. A $200 value.




Remix with the sounds of the world’s premier electronic music label. Mixtrack Pro 3 gives you exclusive access to download studio-grade audio stems from the Toolroom Records catalog, allowing you the freedom to layer, tweak and chop today’s most relevant sonic textures.

Hot Metal (wheels, that is)

Get precise control over every track and every transition with Mixtrack Pro 3’s advanced low-profile rugged metal platters. They are capacitive and dual-zone, giving you the ability to scratch or stop a track simply by touching the top of the platter, while at the same time allowing you to adjust the pitch by manipulating the platter from the side. Heavy-duty metal stands up to the hottest action, night after night.


Total Serato Control

Mixtrack Pro 3 gives you comprehensive control over its included Serato® Intro software. Plus, it’s class-compliant with both Mac and PC, so you’ll be able to plug in and start mixing your music right away—no drivers or complicated set up necessary.

Serato DJ Intro is all about parties and mixing music.

Simply plug-and-play—Serato DJ Intro and Mixtrack Pro 3 take the hassle out of setting up: connect your speakers to your Mixtrack Pro 3 and connect your Mixtrack Pro 3 to your laptop—it’s that simple.

Mix it up—Beatmatch and scratch music files from your computer like a pro with Serato DJ Intro’s groundbreaking colored waveforms.

Get creative—Cue Points and Loops let you mark, access, and repeat specific parts of a song, while Serato’s DJ FX infuse your tracks with a range of professional effects like flanger, phaser, echo, and more.

Drop it—Drop air horns or entire tunes; the four-slot sample player will help you layer individual sounds to add even more fun to your sets.

Create professional sounding mixes at home or performing live at parties, functions, and clubs. Mixtrack Pro II operates via standard MIDI, so it’s compatible with virtually any popular DJ software.

Audio to Go

With its built-in audio system, Mixtrack Pro 3 is ready to go right out of the box. Plug in your headphones, microphone, and PA system and start mixing right away with no external audio interface needed. Plus, Mixtrack Pro 3 has two headphone jacks, making it easy to mix with friends and fellow DJs or tradeoff in-between sets.

This controller gets its design inspiration from no-compromise professional units like our NV controller. The MIXTRACK PRO 3 is a performance-driven design, but with a sharp eye on value. Start mixing today like the pro that you are!

Tech Specs

Controller Style Mixer/Decks
Mixer Section 2-channel
Platters/Type 2 x Dual-zone Touch-sensitive Platters
Faders 2 x Volume, 2 x Tempo/pitch
Crossfader Precision
Pads/Triggers 16 Multi-function Performance Pads
Audio Interface 4-channel
Inputs 1 x 1/4″ microphone
Outputs 2 x stereo RCA, 2 x headphones (1/4″ and 1/8″)
USB 1 x Type B
Included Software Serato DJ Intro
Width 21.7″
Depth 9.1″
Height 1.2″
Weight 4.1 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number MIXTRACKPRO3




My, how far the Mixtrack Pro controller has come. Always a successful model at the lower end of the market, right since the original clunky Mixtrack Pro and then the slimmed-down, sleek Mixtrack Pro 2, the new Mixtrack Pro 3 sports a thorough update for 2015, with a sleeker, shallower and wider shape, and some trickle-down features from Numark’s more expensive controllers.

First impressions and setting up

Standout features on first encountering the device are long-throw pitch controls, touchstrips for scrubbing through tracks and other purposes, per-channel filters, and a return to more practical, deeper jogwheels than the rather shallow ones on the Mixtrack Pro 2 (my least favourite feature of that controller). There are even VU meters, albeit only for the master output, not per-channel.

Of course, a budget controller is going to be, well, budget, and so we have less expensive and limited function “performance pads” (against controllers like the Numark NV), lower quality faders and knobs (including a crossfader that appears to be removable for just a second until you realise it’s got a groove around it for decorative purposes only) and strictly two-deck control over the bundled free version of Serato DJ, Serato DJ Intro (if you want the full version, that’s going to cost you extra).

Overall, though on first impressions the device offers a simple, well spaced out and reasonably generously equipped control surface for basic two-channel DJing with Serato, and set-up is also simple as is the case with all Serato controllers; download the software and install (there’s a licence card in the box), plug in and you’re ready to go.

In use

Jogwheels and other controls

A sleeker profile, long-throw pitch controls, and chunkier jogwheels make this the best Mixtrack Pro yet.

Now, basic DJing involves playing one tune, then another, and hopefully enjoying the process of blending them together creatively – and frankly, the Mixtrack Pro 3 is an excellent tool to help you with that. The jogwheels are nice, they respond well with the bundled Serato DJ Intro software (which is very easy to use), the cue and play/pause buttons work great, and – while built to a budget – the faders and knobs are fine. Indeed, the long-throw pitch controls are great (especially when set against the much shorter faders of some of the competition, which appear toy-like in comparison; for manual beatmatching, this gives the Mixtrack Pro 3 a definite advantage).

The effects section is designed to control three single effects per side, and the simplicity is nice, although one extra knob for wet/dry would have been better than shoehorning this function into the touchstrip alongside the scrubbing function. That said, having a touchstrip at all is a good thing in such a controller, but I’d have liked to have seen its primary use to be to scrub through tracks, with the FX use secondary.

The pads are of what I call the “pseudo-pad” variety, in that they don’t actually offer the full range of features that pads on controllers higher up manufacturers’ ranges offer with Serato (loop roll, slicer, etc). Instead, these are actually best thought of as more conventional buttons, just laid out on backlit rubber pads in the familiar 4×2 shape. So the top four control manual looping (a nice addition), auto looping and sampler, the required function being selected by touching a “pad mode” and one of the pads first. Meanwhile, the bottom four control cues.

Serato DJ Intro

The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 comes with a copy of Serato DJ Intro, and you can upgrade to the full version of Serato DJ if you want all the features the software has to offer.

By and large they work fine, except that the auto loop function would have been better served by the more traditional single encoder knob that is usually apportioned to this function; halving or doubling the length of an auto loop is cumbersome to say the least the way it’s been programmed here.

Input and output wise, you get a simple mic channel (1/4″ TRS) with a volume, which is routed to the master output (ie not through software), and a twin RCA master out, plus a headphones socket (or two actually – one 1/4″ and one 1/8″). This all is standard fare for controllers at this price point.

Otherwise, there are the expected headphone volume and cue mix controls, a master gain, a large library select encoder, and thoughtfully, pitch bend controls (a la CDJs). A pair of master VU meters at least give you some idea as to your output, and with no gain knobs (not really necessary at this price point, due to Serato’s built-in autogain and no mixer-routed analogue inputs), they suffice.


This is the best Mixtrack Pro yet. It’s the most “grown up” looking design to date for this model, being nicely spaced out, and feels very natural in use, especially with those lovely long pitch controls. It works well with the supplied software (remember, the supplied software is Serato DJ Intro, so you’ll need to pay roughly $100 for an upgrade to the full version of Serato DJ if you want the extra features). For basic DJing, it does the job fine.

Under-featured FX sections and cumbersome auto looping aside, it’s a good choice for a first controller for two-deck control of Serato DJ, and has all you need to learn; it certainly benefits from looking pretty similar to the Numark NV, which is a much more expensive and pro-featured controller. While also available in a “Mixtrack 3” version minus the built-in audio interface, this is the one to go for. For the price, it’s a steal.


What do you think of the new Mixtrack Pro 3? Do you like how the Mixtrack Pro series is evolving to become a more mature-looking controller? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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