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POWEROAK 400Wh Portable Power Solar Generator Lithium-ion power supply for Emergency Camping

This Portable Power Generator is Deisgned for Small Appliance (below 300W) Power Needs for example When you are Away from a AC Wall Outlet or in trouble of unexpected blackout or power outage.

it is 400Wh,Built in High Quality Lithium-ion Battery Cell, Very Portable and Lightweight, Easy to Take Along and Safe to Use, Widely Used Indoor or Outdoor.Becuase it is Featured with Multi-functions such as Power Small household Appliance(MAX. Power no more than 300W), Car Jump Start, Power your Laptops, Smartphone, LED Buld, Fans, etc. It is Really a GOOD POWER COMPANION for Home Use,Camping, Travel, Hunting, Fishing, Farm or Job Sites.

POWEROAK 400wh Portable Solar Generator Power Source



AC Adapter:4.5A(Max)/14V~40V(Standard:72W/29.4V)

Car Charger:12/24V

Solar Panel:10A(Max)/14V~40V


AC Output:110V-60Hz/300W(Pure Sine)

Starting Outlet Voltage:12V/600A(Peak)

USB Output:5V/4×3.5A(Max)

DC Output:12V/2×3A

Cigarette Lighter Socket:12V/120W

How do I know if my device will work with the PPS?

Firstly,Check the power of your device’s requirement.

Second,Check the capacity of the individual output.for example,the AC port is monitored by an inverter that allows for 300W of continuous power,this means if your device is pulling more than 300W for an extended period of time,the PPS’s inverter will shut off.

About Car Jump Start:

Make sure the engine displacement of the vehicle or other motor vessels is no more than 4L. Car with 12V starting battery can not charge the PPS fully, but 24V can. Make sure the power is 60%(four battery segments on) when you jump start a car.