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Sony XBR-X8500E-Series HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Android TV with Voice-activated Remote


Experience true 4K picture quality

The 4K HDR processor is Sony’s latest proprietary technology that delivers powerful video playback, delivering a detailed, crisp, clear viewing angle. Along with the processor 4K X-Reality Pro  will  enhance the quality of every pixel, improving resolution from normal (HD, Full HD, 2K) to cross the standard of 4K, provides sharp images and color Real, accurate reproduction of every detail, clear picture, impressive, good contrast, achieve the maximum image depth for the most true image, so you can enjoy favorite programs. with its true 4K picture quality.

The 65-by-65-inch LG KD-65X8500E VN3 65-inch LCD TV delivers crisp, detailed images

Sleek, sophisticated and luxurious

The slim screen, soft lines, neat feeling, not too rugged, save space installed, and decorate your home space more beautiful. When hanging wall, watching television as a painting full of art.

Sony 65 inch 65 inch 65 inch screen 65 inch 65 inch screen

Sony 65 inch 65 inch 65 inch screen 65 inch 65 inch screen

Experience impressive audio

ClearAudio + audio technology analyzes and tunes each and every audio content you hear, so you can enjoy great clarity, dialogue and background music effects. Sound quality is further enhanced by the DSEE digital audio amplifier, which allows for the upgrading of low-quality compressed audio to near-high-resolution sound.

The Sony 65 "KD-65X8500E VN3 65" LCD TV is truly impressive

The Sony 65 “KD-65X8500E VN3 65” LCD TV is truly impressive

Voice Search saves maximum search time

A special smart feature on Sony’s 65-inch KD-65X8500E VCR is the Sony’s Voice Search function that uses voice recognition technology to display exactly what you want, so you do not have to. Take time to enter the search content as before. More specifically, the technology supports voice recognition in 42 languages including Vietnamese, making searching more accurate and faster.

Sony 65 "KD-65X8500E VN3 65 Inch Touch Screen Smart TV

Sony 65 “KD-65X8500E VN3 65 Inch Touch Screen Smart TV

Wide variety of entertainment on the TV

Sony’s next-generation 65-inch Sony VAIO 65 “KD-65X8500E” Sony’s new 3-in-1 65 “KD-65X8500E VN contains a wealth of entertainment applications to satisfy your home entertainment needs. With the latest Android 7.0 operating system dedicated to television , you and your family can enjoy:  Watch movies online, the latest source of continuous updates on Youtube, FPT Play, ZingTV, Netflix … Free music. with thousands of songs on the Zing Mp3 application, smooth online gaming.

The 65-inch LG KD-65X8500E VN3 65-inch Sony TV sets a wealth of entertainment applications

4K Sony 65-inch 6558500E VNK TVs provide a wide variety of entertainment applications (Artwork)

Bright colors, fresh to the surprise

The 65-inch LG KD-65X8500E VN3 TV is equipped with  exclusive Triluminos technology from Sony to bring true colors from nature with full bold shades, offering a breakthrough experience. suspicious

Sony 65 "KD-65X8500E VN3 65" color LCD with bright colors, vivid

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